"Samantha Rosentrater plays Shelley with an affecting blend of toughness and vulnerability. When she gets hurt, the audience feels that hurt acutely. She earns the audience’s sympathy without ever once asking for it."-DCMetroTheaterArts    


"Commanding and nuanced." -Newsworks


"Compellingly embodies Shelley's strengths and insecurities in a nuanced performance."  ..."the ensemble's superb acting..." -Broad Street Review


"Directed with skill by Brendan Burke, the cast of six excellent actors is fascinating to watch and listen to, as they set off in shifting relationships and growing conflicts." -Record Online 



"She's not the typical little mousy thing found in Hilberry stagings of the play going back 40 years. Yet, in a deserved knuckle sandwich to stereotyped expectations, Rosentrater not only pulls off the role, she's among the best in the cast." -Detroit News 

"One will root for her and focus on her character's impact, based on Rosentrater's determined portrayal of the feisty, do-or-die miss." -Dearborn Times-Herald 

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